Thoughts from Logan Laird

Hey so there’s plastic recycling equipment of all sizes. There’s free plans for some of the smaller stuff, there’s bigger equipment of all types that can be purchased to recycle on a larger scale, and there are some places that will buy it, once it’s sorted,clean and shredded, and maybe even pay the shipping too. Then there are printers, and I thought it’d be great to put a small plastic recycling and printing operation at the school and see what the students make of it. There are tons of online plans for 3D printed items.

They might even be able to start an online store, and sell the plastic stuff they could make with our plastic garbage to help fund their school.

Precious Plastic

press side granulator

sell your plastic scrap

sell recycled plastic

The Association of Plastic Recyclers

If we could find out just how much plastic Eureka or Lincoln County produces, that would give us an idea of where to start in terms of size of the operation we’d need.