Eureka Mud Bogs April 2018

The Mud Bogs in Eureka have long been a staple of Rendezvous Days. The Dune runners always do a great job and it is an excellent opener to spring and summer.

You know it is going to be a good time when a bunch of gear heads get together to decide who is fastest. There will be courage, excitement, plenty of NOS, maybe even a whiff of race fuel, which lets you know someone came to put on a show. The kids have a blast, there is always plenty of hot dogs and refreshments on hand and you’ll see your friends and neighbors there. Even if you don’t have motor oil in your veins, it is sure to be a fun day. Maybe even you will  be inspired to see how well your grocery getter will fare in the match. See you there!

 Written by

Carrie White and Logan Laird