Hunting is a way of life in northwest Montana. Some use it for sport; most use it for food.

The Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks website has everything you need to know about what is permitted and what is not, including when you can hunt what.

Northwest Sports Center in Eureka has guns, ammo, and licenses as well as a wealth of information about where and how to hunt in this area.

Kootenai High Country Hunting in Trego is another center for hunting expertise in our area. Phone number is 406-882-4868 (John Garrison).

Montana Mountain West Outfitters offers guided big game hunts. “Our hunts are fair chase with no additional trophy fees. We work hard to give you the best opportunity possible. We use horses on most of our hunts to access the more remote areas of the Kootenai National Forest. This allows us to cover more ground and increase our chance for success. It is also a great way to enjoy a little bit of Montana’s tradition while hunting in the Big Sky State.”