Maps & Guides

Most of the following maps and guides are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. If the office is closed, the building’s front vestibule will be open and contains many useful maps and brochures.

For a Google map of the area, click here.

“Montana’s Fishing Access Sites,” published by Montana Fish Wildlife & Parks, is a comprehensive guide to fishing in northwest Montana. One copy is available for consultation at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. A pdf is online.

The Watertown-Glacier International Peace Park map

is a tabloid-size overview of the area from southern British Columbia/Alberta in the north to Flathead Lake in the south and from Eureka in the west to the east side of Glacier Park. The map indicates major roads, waterways and towns as well as points of interest for watersports, horseback riding, touring, hiking, and camping. Extensive verbiage describes the history of the area as well as opportunities for biking, camping, horseback riding, boating & fishing, and wildlife viewing in Glacier Park. There is a small section on winter activities in Glacier.

The reverse side of the map is covered with listings organized by town – in both the United States and Canada – for lodging and points of interest.

Paper copies of the map are available at the Eureka Chamber of Commerce. A pdf copy of the front face can be downloaded at

511 from your phone (land or cell), or 800/226.7623, or on the web, gives current road conditions around the state. By following the voice prompts or web links, you can isolate a particular road. On the web, options include a Basic Map, which gives a birds-eye view of road conditions throughout the state, an Interactive Map, which gives road conditions as well as construction and highway camera locations, and a Road Conditions Report, which gives driver alerts road by road.

The state of Montana publishes a guidebook for tourists, one section of which, called “Glacier Country,” is dedicated to northwest Montana and available online. This document is truly comprehensive, covering everything from site descriptions to events, spring through winter. Hard copies of the 2017-18 guide are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. The 2018-19 guide is expected soon.

The Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce has copies of “Rexford District Hiking Trails” published by the Eureka Ranger Station. Sixteen trails in the Kootenai National Forest are featured, with information on access, attractions (such as fishing holes), history, and a physical map. The Eureka Ranger Station, at 949 Highway 93 North, also has copies. The station is open from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm weekdays and can be reached by calling (406) 296-2536.

For cyclists, the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce has a three-page printout of a handful of rides around Eureka of 20 to 28 miles in length. Detailed directions are given, along with a map. Ask for the “Eureka Loop.”

Tobacco Valley Country” is a comprehensive booklet on Eureka-area resources available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce, the publisher (Tobacco Valley News, 200 Cliff Avenue, Eureka), and many area shops. Of special interest are sections on hiking, snowmobiling, and golfing. The centerfold has a fairly comprehensive map of points of interest in our area.

101 Things to do in the Flathead and Northwest Montana,” published by the Daily Interlake, is available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. This phenomenal resource includes information on every possible outdoor summer activity as well as events and tourist attractions. The summer 2018 edition is due at the Chamber soon.

Vacation Country Travel Guide,” has a small section on the Eureka area (page 21). It is otherwise extremely comprehensive, including information on all kinds of activities throughout northwest America and western Canada.

The Montana Wilderness Association has an extensive online guide to hiking trails in Montana.

Go Kootenai” is unusual in that it covers both the Tobacco Valley in Montana and the area just north in British Columbia. Organized by town, the guide points out areas and activities of interest without going into much detail. There is a page on winter trails. Copies are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Kootenai Country Summer Guide,” a publication of The Western News, gives a brief description of a handful of hiking trails and points of interest, along with a calendar of events. The centerfold has a map of the area, although it favors southwest of us. Copies are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Crown of the Continent,” a physical map published by National Geographic, covers the northwest corner of Montana and areas of British Columbia and Alberta that are linked to it by mountain ranges. Of particular interest is the detailed information on cross-country skiing. Copies of the map are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. Information on the map is also available online, where it is more extensive.

The Complete Stone Hill Climber’s Guide,” last updated in 2009, gives detailed descriptions of dozens of rock climbing sites around Lake Koocanusa. A copy is available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce. Others may be found at Rocky Mountain Outfitters at 135 Main Street in Kalispell and Abayance in Rexford. The author sells single copies for $18.95 through

What to See and Do Near Eureka . . . ” is an oversized printout of information on hiking trails, biking, fishing and boating, and horseback riding. There is not much detail, but there are many unusual observations. Copies are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Trails In or Leading Into the Ten Lakes Scenic Area,” is a 38-page printout of detailed descriptions of more than a dozen hiking trails northeast of Fortine. Maps are included. Copies are available at the Eureka Area Chamber of Commerce.

Fortine Ranger also publishes a bigger guide to hiking trails in the area called “Fortine Ranger District Trails.” Contents are organized by Day Hikes, Connector Trails, Extended Hikes, Family-Friendly Hikes, and Loop Trails. is an online resource for outdoor activities in our area.

The “Historic Walking Tour” pamphlet gives an extensive history of Eureka as well as of the Eureka Lumber Company. A small diagram of the town is annotated for historic structures with colorful pasts.

Two pamphlets published by Kootenai National Forest include information on campgrounds. “Reserve Your Place in the Mountains” gives elevation, dates open, amenities, fees, and contact information for 25 camping sites in the Kootenai Forest. “Campground Information” also gives information on boat ramps.

If you own a mobile device such as an iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch or Android (4.0.3 or newer), you can take the Kootenai National Forest MVUMs with you.

1. Download the free Avenza PDFMaps app, available at to your mobile device.
2. Once you have Avenza on your mobile device, use your device to download the maps at while running the app select ‘Get Maps’ and search for “Kootenai MVUM” to download MVUMs for Rexford/Fortine, Libby, Three Rivers and Cabinet Ranger Districts.
With the app and maps installed on your mobile device, you will be able to:
View your location on the PDF MVUM using the built-in GPS device
Measure distances and areas
Plot waypoints
View maps offline
And more…
Through a no-cost contract with Avenza Systems, Inc., the USDA Forest Service has made electronic versions of its Motor Vehicle Use Maps (MVUMs) available

Bicycling the Big Sky,” published by the state of Montana, gives road conditions statewide for bicyclists. Information includes matters such as should width, grade, average daily truck traffic, and bicycle shops.

The Kootenai Angler newsletter has great insider information on fishing and hunting. We have copies of the 2017 in the Chamber’s office and are looking forward to 2018.

Explore Montana’s Roadside Geology” gives a summary of the development of Montana’s land as well where to find the state’s unique geological formations. One is near Eureka: Kootenai Falls and the Belt Supergroup has purple rocks from the Precambrian age!