Winter months are too often considered times to hunker down and wait for warm weather. However, there is a lot to be done in the Eureka area when it comes to snow!

There is no public downhill skiing in the Eureka area. (For that, you have to go to Whitefish, Libby or neighboring areas.) However, there are plenty of cross-country skiing opportunities, and the best way to find them is to go through the Tobacco Valley Nordic Club.

Crown of the Continent” map also lists cross-country skiing trails in Fernie, British Columbia, north of our area. “Tobacco Valley Country” (page 30) describes quite a few cross-country trails in our area, including Laughing Water Creek, Therriault Pass Trail, and Virginia Hill.

For snowmobiling, probably the best resource is the nonprofit Ten Lakes Snowmobile Club, based in Eureka. Their website lists many useful links. Many of the trails used for cross-country skiing are shared with snowmobilers, so check out the cross-country leads above. In particular, check out page 38 of “Tobacco Valley Country.”

Glacier Adventure Guides offers ice climbing day trips and training at Stone Hill.

Finally, for winter entertainment events, hearty drinks and meals, and other winter support services, visit our Directory.