The Eureka area is at about 3,000 feet in elevation and surrounded by mountains. The climate resembles that of a desert in its low humidity and temperature swings of as much as 40 degrees between daytime and nighttime. We are also far north, at 48.8800° N, so the sun rises and sets around 8:30 am/5:00 pm in the winter and 5:40 am/9:45 pm in the summer.

Weather predictions are notoriously unreliable: conditions frequently change within an hour or two. It is common to see a thundercloud vanish or change direction just before reaching you.

That said, when setting off to enjoy the greater outdoors, you are advised to pack for just about any occasion, no matter what the weatherman says.

Two websites are commonly used to watch radar: and Another very useful map comes from the Montana Department of Natural Resources & Conservation, which shows live weather radar on a county map (click to add “Accuweather Radar” to the base map).

For road reports, dial 511 or follow the links on our “Maps & Guides” page.

Also consult our page on “Wildfires.”